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Jackie Wicks,: The Cheat System Diet

The Cheat System Diet


PEERtrainer is a wildly successful online weight loss network with over 250,000 active email subscribers and nearly a million unique visitors a month. Surrounding the peer support network is a content library of cutting-edge diet, nutrition, exercise, and weight loss information. For years, followers and weight loss professionals have asked for a PEERtrainer diet book based on PEERtrainer's best information and tools. The Cheat System Diet is that book. It will help readers lose those hardest 10 pounds, easy and fast. The diet is founded on three pillars-High Nutrient Eating, Energy, and Portions-achieved in an easy binary framework: Cheats and Eats. Cheats are essentially empty calories and Eats are nutrient-dense foods. You start with a certain number of cheats a day, and earn more by making especially healthy choices, like having a big salad before dinner. The Super Cheat System also revolutionizes how dieters think about nutrient-dense eating. PEERtrainer's Super Nutrient Index accounts for the amount of protein, good fats, and other performance nutrients in each food, which will allow dieters to incorporate super foods, like high-quality proteins, into their nutrient dense eating. This supportive, easy-to-follow approach allows you to eat well, lose weight, and enjoy those guilty pleasures.

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Author: Jackie Wicks,
Number of Pages: 288 pages
Published Date: 03 Jun 2014
Publisher: St Martin's Press
Publication Country: New York, United States
Language: English
ISBN: 9781250044693
Download Link: Click Here

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