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*FREE* Gardening for Health and Nutrition : An Int

John Philbrick,Helen Philbrick,Harry Philbrick,: Gardening for Health and Nutrition : An Introduction to the Method of Biodynamic Gardening

Gardening for Health and Nutrition : An Introduction to the Method of Biodynamic Gardening


A simple, down-to-earth introduction to the method of biodynamic gardening especially written for the backyard gardener. Long out of print, this classic introduction to biodynamic gardening introduces the gardener to an obvious, often forgotten principle: gardening is about living things, life forces, and life as such. In his introduction, John Philbrick talks of how each morning he was in the habit of meditating and communing in his garden at sunrise, until he gradually realized that the important things at work were "the forces of life" "life is the key to existence on this planet." He also realized that most gardeners were more concerned with death, with getting rid of things bugs, weeds, fungi than with life. Biodynamics is based on the interrelatedness, or the dynamics, of life forces. As Philbrick says: When you become aware of biodynamics, you become aware that everything that is alive is dependent upon everything else that's alive, and it's all a marvelous network of living things which are constantly changing. This book provides a simple and practical guide for the beginning gardener. It deals with planning a vegetable garden: how, when, and where to plant seeds and tools and compost making raised beds crop rotation, mulching, and companion plants harvesting, cooking, and preserving There are also sections on flowers, lawns, and home orchards. Gardening for Health & Nutrition concludes with a useful chapter on "most frequently asked questions." If you are planning a garden or need a few tips for the one you have, this is the book for you."

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Author: John Philbrick,Helen Philbrick,Harry Philbrick,
Number of Pages: 112 pages
Published Date: 01 Jun 1995
Publisher: Anthroposophic Press Inc
Publication Country: New York, United States
Language: English
ISBN: 9780880104036
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